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  1. Create all articles you want to display within the same category and set the respective Intro Images for all of them (Images and Links >> Intro Image). IMPORTANT: Using articles without Intro Image will break the module.
  2. Create a 'Gigallery' type module.
  3. Set 'Category' according to the category you created your articles.
  4. Set 'Number of Articles' value. IMPORTANT: You must set a value equal or lower than the amount of available articles.
  5. Set width and height for images.
  6. The number of columns displayed depend on the image widt you set in the previous step and your container's width. Example: if your container is 1000px width and you set an image width of 300px, there will be 3 columns. IMPORTANT: Keep in mind images have 5px margin on left and 5px on right for your calculations.
  7. If needed, you can call jQuery from Google API. (Default is NO)


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